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Justin Guarini is Dr. Pepper's 'Lil Sweet' - the best post 'Idol' gig, ever

Remember Justin Guarini? In 2002, he was the runner up in the inaugural season of "American Idol." Not only did he have the big voice, he had the big hair to match. That season of the series may have launched the career of Kelly Clarkson, but it also sent Guarini on his own interesting path ...

Justin Guarini on the American Idol Reunion: 'I Feel Like I'm Part of a Living Time Capsule'

When I was cast as Justin Guarini's sibling in Stephen King and John Mellencamp's Ghost Brothers of Darkland County back in 2012, I wasn't sure what to expect. Was he just a smiley guy with a spectacular perm? Could he act? Would I be able to make From Justin to Kelly jokes?